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The Listening Space

Where we truly hear you

Want a Free 45 Minute Session?

As a way to improve my services, I am offering a free session to anyone who is willing to give me feedback in return. 



you can help by participating in an anonymous survey here

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My name is Carley. I hold a bachelors degree specializing in human behavior and psychology, have been working in the social support sector for 3+ years, and have a lifelong passion for all things mental health, active listening, and healthy communication. As a result, I have found myself on a path of empowering others.  continue reading

What is a Professional Listener

Professional Listeners are NOT Life Coaches, Psychotherapists, or Counsellors. A professional listener offers their empathy and active listening skills as a way to support you in your experiences.  We provide you a safe, judgement free space to process, brainstorm, reflect, grieve, laugh, and feel heard and seen. Professional Listening is a way of taking the most effective parts of therapeutic relationships, and offering it in a more financially, and readily accessible service. 

Why Professional Listening


Through studies of specialized therapies such as psychotherapy and counselling, it was found that the most effective listening behaviors for patients consisted of providing a safe space with presence and opportunity to vent. Through the services of a professional listener, we take these attributes of a therapeutic relationship, and provide a safe space that allows you to drive the conversation and feel seen and heard. This safe space provided by the listener effectively reduces feelings of stress and confusion through the opportunity for verbal processing and authentic emotional expression. In many instances, with these interactions, comes clarity.

These services are meant to aide individuals who are experiencing stressors in their lives, but are not meant for those that have reached a state of crises. I am not a registered therapist. If you feel that you are in crises, please reach out to a medical care provider for specialized help. Click here for further crisis resources.

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