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What is a Listener?

Someone to talk to without the risk of being criticized, shamed, or judged. 

Professional Listeners are NOT Life Coaches, Psychotherapists, or Counsellors. A professional listener offers their empathy and active listening skills as a way to support you in your experiences.  We provide you with a safe, judgement free space to process, brainstorm, reflect, grieve, laugh, and feel heard and seen. Professional Listening is a way of taking the most effective parts of therapeutic relationships, and offering it in a more financially, and readily accessible service. 

Why Hire a Listener

A listener provides you with a safe space to express yourself the way that YOU need.

Through studies of specialized therapies such as psychotherapy and counselling, it was found that the most effective listening behaviors for patients consisted of providing a safe space with presence and opportunity to vent. Through the services of a professional listener, we take these attributes of a therapeutic relationship, and provide a safe space that allows you to drive the conversation and feel seen and heard. This safe space provided by the listener effectively reduces feelings of stress and confusion through the opportunity for verbal processing and authentic emotional expression. In many instances, with these interactions, comes clarity.

We are AFFORDABLE at $40 dollars per hour long session.

Is a Listener Right for You?

If you connect with any of the following points, it is possible that you would find hiring a listener beneficial. 

  • You want to feel heard and seen

  • You are looking for a support that is more financially or time accessible

  • You find that venting or verbal processing are cathartic or create clarity

  • Your usual support system doesn't currently have the space to listen to you

  • You desire a judgement free space to express yourself or have curious conversation

  • You are seeking a new perspective

  • You have intense or hard emotions that you don't want to feel alone

  • You don't feel socially safe to express your emotions and are seeking safe space to do so

  • You want to practice boundary setting or communication in a safe space

  • You want a neutral party to share your experience with

  • You feel isolated or alone in your experience

  • You desire a space to express yourself authentically

When NOT to Hire a Listener

  • If you are in crisis

    • If you need immediate crisis support resources please click here​

  • If you feel that you need specialized help

    • A Listener is not licensed to be a specialized mental health resource like a Therapist or Psychiatrist

  • If you are a trauma survivor that experiences PTSD symptoms

    • There is a certain level of support that is required when processing trauma and navigating PTSD symptoms that cannot be provided by a listener within the listening sessions​

    • Verbal processing of traumatic experiences needs a specially trained trauma informed practitioner to help prevent any possible re-traumatization

  • If you are looking for ADVICE

    • A Listener can help you gain a new perspective and personal clarity; we are NOT here to give you advice​

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