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My name is Carley. I hold a bachelors degree specializing in human behavior and psychology, have been working in the social support sector for 3+ years, and have a lifelong passion for all things mental health, active listening, and healthy communication. As a result, I have found myself on a path of empowering others.  continue reading

My Story

What makes me Me

I am a queer human who loves to giggle, dabble on the creative spectrum, and take long walks in a variety of forecasts. I have dreams of empowering the world and creating alternative systems of living that allow us all to feel more connected to ourselves, our communities, and nature. I consider myself a lifelong learner and hope to continue learning how to best provide high quality, accessible supports.  


Why I started offering Listening support

As a human who also needs support, I found myself yearning for an affordable support system that allowed me to vent, feel hard emotions in a safe space, and sort  through the web of thoughts in my head. Like many, I find a long rant cathartic, and those that I feel safe enough to vent to are few and far between. It takes a special person to make me feel held, seen, and heard. Beyond that, those people that I do feel safe venting to don't always have the ability to find time or energy to listen.  I found counselling expensive and didn't feel I had a need to be advised or taught - all I wanted was to feel supported as I navigated the hard stuff. As I was searching for affordable alternatives for support, I was willing to bet others felt similarly. That is why I started professional listening. I am here to listen to you.


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